At Digital People we take a strategic approach to contingency search and will use a combination of advertising and head hunting to find your next hire.
Whether you’re looking to fill a mid to senior level digital marketing or eCommerce role, our experienced team can help.

Also known as non-exclusive search, contingency search is a common recruitment method which sees a client engage one or more recruiters to fill its role(s). Contingency search is a mass-market approach that effectively puts recruiters in direct competition with each other, as a recruiter will only earn their fee when a candidate they recommend is successfully hired.

This type of search can often result in recruiters putting forward a high volume of candidates in a race to be the quickest to fill the vacancy, and often yields a lower caliber of candidates.

The nature of the role, and how urgently a placement is needed will determine how effective contingency search is likely to be. It’s not recommended for key hires or senior positions where a thorough search and extensive vetting is required.

At Digital People we do contingency-based recruitment differently. Rather than gearing our search towards finding a high volume of candidates who may be right for your role, we’ll use a strategic approach to find a select few who we know will be exactly what you’re looking for.

While we may not be able to dedicate as much time to your search as we would with our other services, such as retained executive search, our focus will always be on supplying quality over quantity.

To do this we’ll draw on our insider knowledge of the industry to pinpoint the key needs of your business quickly so we can begin sourcing strong candidates straightaway. We’ll also leverage our contacts to find the candidates who are looking for their next digital role and those who haven’t yet decided they’re ready to make the next move in their career.

Need help finding your new PPC Specialist or Digital Marketing Manager?

Whether you have a mid to senior role that’s proving difficult to fill, or you need advice determining digital team structure that will help your business grow, Digital People can help.

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